If you’re honest, has life worked out the way you expected, so far? Did you even have any expectations or has it all ‘just happened’ to date? What was your biggest goal? Have you achieved it or did family responsibilities and other obligations derail you a little? We can’t do one thing about the past but we can look forward and IMAGINE what it might be like to start setting some new intentions and working towards a DIFFERENT outcome.

I have just committed to an 8 week program with an exercise physiologist. I went to my second appointment this morning and she asked me how I went with the exercises. With it being a very busy end of term week, I was feeling a bit guilty as I had only done them twice. She was actually happy with that and said most people don’t do them at all! I can’t understand that. If you invest in a service to better yourself why would you not follow the instructions of an expert in that field and ACHIEVE the ultimate objective you have set yourself? I have certainly set myself some very specific goals in this area and intend to do everything I can to achieve that result.

Sometimes it really is just a matter of making a start. If the thought of making a change and involving yourself in an activity you have always dreamed of developing more keeps niggling away in the back of your mind, that is most certainly a message.

A message to take some action.

Perhaps it’s time for you to rediscover your musicality. If so, email me at joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I’ll give you a call to discuss the possibilities for you.

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