Do you sometimes feel frozen in time as though you are just going through the motions? Perhaps you walk through your day on automatic pilot dutifully carrying out all your duties but not really feeling a sense of passion and purpose for anything in particular. Don’t get me wrong, you’re happy. Things are great but there is a tiny little part of you that is a little, well, numb.

I recall what it was like to make a decision to finally give up a safe and secure job and work for myself. It was scary and I felt extremely apprehensive about the prospect. I would be pulled back into the arena of the safety of working for someone else many times before I worked up the guts to just do it. I wasn’t honouring the desire to facilitate the process of helping people discover the music inside of them. I was living how I thought I ‘should’ live rather than how I wanted to live.

Sometimes we can go missing from our own life and live each day as though it’s someone else’s.

Someone who is sensible.
Someone who does all the ‘right’ things.
Someone who always puts themselves last.
Someone who rarely takes any risks.
Someone who takes all the ‘required’ steps each day.
Someone who is nice.
Someone who is supportive.
Someone who is kind and generous with their time.
Someone who worries they haven’t given enough.
They have given their all, mind you, but it never feels like enough.
Someone who ‘pushes through’ regardless of the toll.
Someone who never gives up even though sometimes they should at least change direction.
Someone who knows there is so much more for them but they are afraid of taking that final step, finding themselves again and living in their own body, authentically and in full alignment with who they are. 

No more crap. 

No more excuses. 

No more kidding themselves.

It’s so easy to lose yourself with everything that’s going on.
It’s so easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow”
It’s so easy to put it on the ‘back burner’.


That inspirational droplet of deep profound knowledge that NOW is the time.

You know you must do this.
I know you must do this (I will certainly tell you if I don’t think it’s for you).

Why don’t you just DECIDE once and for all, jump in feet first and ENJOY the wild ride?

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