Many people comment to me that they have been told that the piano is a good first instrument for children. I agree that it is and thought you might like to know exactly why. So here are 3 reasons I believe this to be the case.

1. Compared to other instruments, the piano lends itself to the multi-sensory learning experience more naturally. It utilises sight and sound, tactile and both gross and fine motor development. Not all piano methods employ this most important multi-sensory approach though, unfortunately.

2. Basic musical concepts are more concrete. For example, high pitch vs low pitch – easier to SEE (high on right, low on left), easier to HEAR (because of the wide range of pitch not matched by other instruments).

3. With piano, students receive immediate gratification – being able to play a song straight away, especially with the approach we teach here at Rhythm & Tunes Piano School. The learning curve is much greater with other instruments. They require more fine motor control, breath control, mouth movements etc. and let’s face it, it takes a long while before anything resembling a song is achieved.

I have heard many musicians say that they have picked up other instruments much more easily because of their piano playing experience.

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